Sunday, January 1, 2017

Introducing Lbs Shots - the new Rose Redd photography blog

Happy New Year everyone!
I have redesigned all the LBS family blogs fresh for 2017 & 
have renamed my photography blog LBS SHOTS here as well.

Wishing everyone an outstanding year

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Monday, October 26, 2015


Crumpled, 2010

Condensed, 2010

Shadows, 2010

The Hills, 2010

Big rock, 2010

Shore, 2010

All photography by Me.

Something Unusual

Willow at Ellis St. Parkette, Kelowna, 2009

Pollarded tree, Vancouver 2010

Rotten patch, Kelowna BC, 2009

Mound w/ a View, Burnaby BC 2010

Local Mall, Hedley BC 2009

Dead tree sun, BC, 2009

Lone walker, AB, 2009

Doug, Hedley BC 2009

All photography by Me.

White & Grey

White House Wisteria, Portland, OR 2009

Firetruck Foam, Merritt, BC 2009

Vancouver Fall, 2010

Kelowna Sawmill, BC 2009

Coquihalla Highway (4,081 ft), BC, 2009

Kelowna Hwy, BC, 2009

Dinosaur Park, Alberta, 2009

The Cosmopolitan, Crow's Nest Pass, AB 2009

All photography by Me.

Stormy Scenes

Foggy San Fran, 2008

Roofs & Mountains, Vancouver, 2009

Green light, 2009

Sky river, 2010

Albany Dog Beach, CA, 2008

Alberta dusk, 2009

Vancouver Flames, 2010

All Photography by me.